sunday, september 30

chatting with his papa (my dad) about the yankees being in the world series.
in transition...from playroom to a mini lounge??

were moving things about. the majority of the toys (think tiny lego pieces and matchbox cars) went upstairs and were arranged into the spare room next to the boys newly shared room. not picking up toys every evening has been a blessing, now i just close the playroom's heavenly.

in between the nesting, i have been experiencing my most difficult pregnancy, which includes major lack of iron. my body just can't keep up and/or is just not absorbing it properly, which leaves me exhausted and irritable. i mean i get extremely tired from just pushing the shopping trolly/cart at the grocery. my naturopath and i are working on it, i've been drinking my nettle tea religiously and every meal includes a side of beans or lentils. then there is my lower back pain, painful muscle spasms. my chiro and i are working on that, and i have recently started with a myotherapist who has been cupping my back and that has helped to relax my muscles more then anything else. i am certain it is all a result of my mental and emotional wellbeing not being 100%.

i think many of you already know this space we live in now was originally meant to be temporary until we found something more comfortable, which never really happened, mainly due to us thinking we wouldn't be living in australia as long as we have. i find it difficult to furnish a place when you know eventually you have to leave it all behind, because shipping furniture half way around the world is completely silly. even though we only have until april (fingers crossed) when our four year visa is up (i do get reminded all the time that it can easily be renewed by michael's company), i am still finding it may be essential to my wellbeing to create a calm nook for when the baby comes. every few weeks i breakdown about bringing my last baby home to a space that has never felt much like a home (hello to living a temporary life abroad). feeling this way has me framing our family photos and preparing a new space...were looking into shelfing, possiablily a new lounge, some freshly potted green plants, and a soft rug fit for a wee one. i envision a quiet calm space for a sleeping baby and a nursing mother. a space away from the larger living room were the paper and crayons multiply, train tracks only lengthen, television plays random videos, and my boys along with the neighbor kids just seem to take over.

as for the fagus cranes, wooden blocks, and picture books...well i quite enjoy looking at them and the little boys who move them about. i refer to them as calming toys, so i plan on keeping those right were they are.

ps. i have read that the third year of living abroad is the most difficult, plus i am bit hormonal, so please forgive me if i seem to be complaining more often then not. it's all part of me working through this "third year".



  1. i love that top photo. reminds me of many a similar picture of my own childhood, on the phone to the family members who were at least a plane flight away.. the pictures are just gorgeous. look after yourself with the low iron (and just incase, vit. c helps with iron absorption...but im sure your naturopath knows that).

    blessings. xx

  2. That feeling of temporary living is not an easy one to bare. I remember when we moved 'temporarily' from Melbourne to the coast. It was an adventure and exciting until it was time for our eldest to start school, it was then that I felt an urgency to be settled. It's still difficult not having my family right nearby ( I know this doesn't compare to the distance between you and your family) but there is comfort in feeling you are where you belong, and it won't be long for you now, you're almost at the end of your adventure abroad.
    Through what you share on your blog, you have created a wonderful home for your family and I'm sure your new little one will be right at home too. It's more difficult for us as adults being away from 'home' but for our little ones home is where ever WE are, all together..x

  3. Don't ever apologise K, it's how you feel. I wish you had super connected with Australia because you would feel more relaxed and content, but it's no failing of yours that you haven't. The heart wants what it wants, whether that be a person or a place. You always appear to be making the best of your situation, not complaining about what it isn't - at least that's my interpretation. Your first few months with your new babe will be amazing and challenging and where ever you are that would be the same. I am hopeful that before too long you will be somewhere that makes your soul feel more at ease, wherever that may be x

  4. Kristi, Quinn looks like he's a teenager on that sofa! Oh a view into the future years right. Looks like a peaceful space is being created for the new little life that will soon be arriving before we know it. Love ya, Mom

  5. The new place looks cozy and I think you should not apologize for anything. You live a life with the breaks on because you know it's just temporarily. Even with this fact you make a wonderful nest for your family. Once you look back you will see it, this blog will be even reminding you better, you created a wonderful place to live at. Don't worry about the kids, they love their home because you are there, I am sure they will be missing it once you move.

    See, we just moved one week ago, just 25 km away from where we've been so we can still be with our friends. We have created our home five years ago, a house that fitted perfectly for us, we made it all new, interior, exterior, heating, windows, rooms, all in our taste and style. And the garden, just last year we finished it and this year we enjoyed the blossoms and flowers in it. So what happened? I thought this would be the house we'll be grandparents in. But nope. Time showed that different things just were not right, it showed that certain circumstances made (me and therefore) us very unhappy. Things escalated and so we decided we will have to move. This was mid July. We thought we would move closer to Kindergarden, thought the girl would go to school with her friends mid September. Again nope. We came home from our holiday end of August, saw the house and within two days decided to move. This was about four weeks ago.
    This house is good, we feel comfortable in it, it is cozy but it is not ours, things were just perfect in ours. But I also think the kids also feel happy here because we are together. They feel that I'm more relaxed, the girl has a great class, a sweet teacher, the boy is adjusting to kindergarden quite well.

    So what I want to say is, the "perfect home" is for no good when it's at the wrong place. We had our perfect home and garden and also neighbours but it was at the wrong place... So now we start here, this time my Mr. and I know it's not for that long (I better don't tell the boy, he had a hard time last week, when we moved out of our house) and we will make the best nest we can for the four of us.

    That is what you do, you do it great and I keep fingers crossed you will be heading back to the states as soon as possible.

  6. Lovely photos, as always. You're very tallented!
    I know the pain of low iron, not fun at all. Take good care and try to look into the future, life will get much better when your body will feel a little better!

  7. If you don't mind, may I add my 2 cents? I also have lived abroad and understand your nostalgia for home. But take it from someone who has to make house and pack and leave every two years or so...make this house your own. Find little treasures that give you a reason to have to ship around the world. It's good for the soul to have things that help you connect with your environment. Every house has its idiosyncracies and personality, however, you ultimately orchestrate over them. There will ineviditably be something you will miss from the space your in. I know I have. Happy nesting.

  8. Gosh Kristi, acknowledging that your mental and emotional health has played a big part in affecting your physical self is both brave and honest. It sounds like you're doing all the right things and yes, I agree, a quiet soft space for you and babe is essential. I'm also incredibly impressed that you got some of your Tim shots framed....I still haven't got the pictures printed! xxx

  9. Hey Kristi,

    Don't apologize for complaining,one it's your space and two it's not always unicorns and rainbows.Heck I am still complaining and I will have been living here for eleven years come Oct 18th!!!

  10. I just want to share that I had similar symptoms several years ago and was diagnosed with pernicious anemia--which is not being able to absorb B12. Muscle spasms, fatigue, iron deficiency, and feeling like my blood sugar dropped 110%. There is a test called a Schilling Test that will determine if this is your problem.
    I've moved all over the place, not abroad, but a number of states:-( It's hard when you have wee ones and you're away from family, but you're strong and such a beautiful mother...where ever you are, that is home, XOXO