monday, january 7

board games in their pajamas.

i gifted the boys a few board/card games for christmas...the berenstain bears learn to share, battleship, dino snap, jack straws, a matching game, and richard scary's car game. mainly games i thought i could join in on while i nursed or was holding our sweet little bub. other then games they mainly got baseball gear...helmets and new baseball sheets for their beds. i got a baby, and michael got a plane ticket to port douglas to meet up with some maui friends for a few days (a guy trip).

i feel i should mention that the dinos by tate's side are from his birthday. he did turn five in november and it never got mentioned here. mainly because i was very pregnant, and michael had been away on business in china and only entered the front door thirty minutes before we had a house full of tate's favorite people. we gathered for water ballon games and his signature pink cake. he is the most beautiful version of five...independent, clever, cute, and still very loveable. just yesterday he asked me when we were going to be done growing our babies. i thought oh no here it comes, he's sick of the baby and wants his spot back. i said, "i think were done growing our babies". he replied with,  "aw, cause i really love babies." see so beautifully five-ish.


  1. Kristi, your boys are both so adorable (all three but this is focused on the biggest ones!) love tate's comment- scout is so lucky to have a big brother like him. Xx Ashley

  2. Happy new year dear Kristi! May the year a blessed one and may you all be happy and well!

    I just read you might stay at Australia longer, and I make a wish the right decision will be made by you and your Mr. The boys look absolutely happy on last years photos - and I'm sure you'll find your inner peace again!


  3. that boy is too sweet, and that story made me a little misty!

  4. Love his sweet words!! We did several family games for Xmas as attempts to have less tv & more intentional family connecting time!! So far so good!

  5. oh that story truly brought tears to my eyes, just catching up on a few of your posts. love the picture of your three boys - the family resemblance is very strong, they look very similar (but different in many ways too im sure) ... it's so nice to spend time here after coming home to my (roommate-less) house after spending time with my family to read the news of yours. x

    1. PS. i meant the last picture in the next post of the three of your boys x