thursday, january 17

when i saw the morning clouds i knew it was the perfect opportunity for a beach trip. it worked out that scout had a good feed and the boys were able to quickly prepare themselves with buckets, so off we went into the early hours of the sea salt haze. 

the beginnings of chubby thighs, the best blessing to a breastfeeding mother, a sign he's getting enough and i'm making enough of what his little body needs.

highly noted for autumn: 
white, gray, brown, and white dots on top of black...stylish little gull.


  1. Chubby thighs, indeed a good sign for a mama that is always worried about her baby getting enough. Love your comment on that great styled seagull.
    Love ya, Mom

  2. I have been following your blog for a while now..but never left a comment.
    I so enjoy your pictures! You have a beautiful, beautiful family.
    Three little boys is so sweet. We have five children. Three boys first, then two little girls.
    I loved having the boys together, it was so much fun.

    We are a little ways outside Chicago covered in ice and snow....your beach pictures have me feeling quite jealous of the warm weather. My sister is actually in Australia for 6 weeks helping lead girl's conferences.

    Just wanted to say I really like stopping over here and am happy you are blogging more often.


  3. I second that - so happy to see your new posts pop up more often Kristi :) xxx

  4. Well Kristi you are back blogging with a vengence and I am so glad! These pics and thoughts are beautiful.

  5. As I look out over a frozen lake this morning, your beach photos are a welcome sight:-D Those little toes and chubby thighs are the best! XOXO

  6. i got a wee tear in my eye looking at his tiny toes. thinking of what they will grow into .. beautiful pictures as always. and australian seagulls must be more stylish than NZ gulls because over here they're still wearing orange. so 2012. x

  7. Gosh, in the bottom photo do you notice how those lovely legs are stretching out!