tuesday, january 15

 his first wind in the willows on a chilly summer night.

it's our summer tradition to catch an evening viewing of wind in the willows at the botanical gardens. the kids love it. the adults love it. it is actually one of my favorite events each year. it took me all day to organize our picnic basket with a newborn in tow. i prepared freshly made salsa for corn chips and quinoa salad for the adults. along with hummus for corn chips, strawberries, and banana bread for the little people.

i secretly love seeing what other families bring in their own baskets. i am always shocked by the assortment of things kids eat, and i am referring to the healthy options. even with that said, it was the bar of dark chocolate being passed around one family's picnic quilt that really caught my eye.


  1. He is just so perfect. What a lovely thing to do, sounds beautiful, and even quite relaxed for an evening outing. I always chicken out of taking our boys out at night time, it's something I'd really like to start doing more of for those special treats..x

  2. What a beautiful blanket! You must tell me where you bought it :)

    ps congratulations on your newborn :)

    1. i picked it up in a little boutique while out and about, the brand is uimi.

  3. He is so precious Kristi :)
    Your picnic basket sounds delicious. That's a Uimi blanket isn't it? We have a stripey one but I now have my eye on that one... x

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the wind in the willows outing and your menu sounds yummy. Little Scout is just adorable
    all wrapped up in his beautiful warm blanket. He does look as though he is filling out....miss holding him in my arms!
    Love ya, Mom

  5. What a lovely tradition. Our oldest daughter took her daughter this past November to see "Sound of Music"(as a play) for her birthday--a tradition we had started. Memories shared and passed down; that's what family is all about, XOXO

  6. sounds like a lovely tradition. and scout looks so cute all bundled up! x

  7. ahhhh, we are still waiting {and starting to lack all patience} so visiting you is a reminder of the snuggles just around the corner.
    what a lovely tradition. i spend such time packing the perfect basket too. dark chocolate may just make the next one! xx

  8. oh my... the sweetness! (and a gorgeous blanket too!) x