wednesday, february 13


cute valentine's print for boys, no? i saw an adorable idea of using a heart shaped gingerbread cookie and treading it with string to make a valentine's necklace. i am not sure quinn would go for a heart shaped necklace but an arrow version all wrapped up in a boyish v day print he might.


  1. I would sew something with a fabric like that!

  2. valentine’s and a summer day for our growing little herd
    quinn, tate and scout - two baseball boys, and now our precious third

    but valentine’s day for mommy, is not what the cards would say
    i’d love for chocolates, wine and flowers – a nice romantic day

    but we’re nine weeks into diapers and three weeks back to school
    a wine stained dress would be really nice – but it’s a t-shirt wet with drool

    the boys they run us ragged and for mommies it’s especially true
    dishes, drop-offs and diapers, there’s always something to do

    in a few weeks if we’re lucky, the chaos may start to ebb
    but with a touch of aussie slang, it probably won’t happen in feb

    so our love today is bundled, much different than the traditional day
    not foiled chocolate and ribboned roses, but the joy of little boy play

    the screams and shrieks of little boy thrills, as they run out on the field
    “look mom I caught it” they grin – oh the joys a fly ball can yield

    it’s quinny’s love. his peace, his calm. his contentment on a field of grass
    it’s tatey’s joy. his cartwheels and charm. the joy from papa’s little lass
    it’s scouty’s to come. his brothers to lead. with baseball tales from the past

    our valentine’s day, it goes without mention
    a day that flows, a bit different from tradition

    diamonds made of grass, gleaming brighter than a precious stone
    dandelions on the fringe, far more pretty than a flower with thorns

    a nappy bag. a baby blanket. a linen baby sling
    makes mommy much more beautiful, than any lacy thing

    a little boy’s game with its giggles and glee. five joyous, beautiful innings
    somehow much sweeter, than a five course meal. and a confectionary ending

    our time will come, when the craziness subsides. a sitter, some wine and a meal
    a few moments alone for mommy and daddy. a few minutes we can finally steal

    but for now our day, our valentines joys
    they’re bundled in our three little boys

    with gleams and grins and giggles so many. the sights and sounds of the day
    a gift so precious. a gift so perfect. a day I’d spend no other way

    happy valentine’s day babe,

    from your four boys

    love michael

  3. Okay, you've got someone very wonderful writing you lovely rhymes, you win! but, the arrows! did you draw them? +Chelsea

  4. I honestly welled up reading michael's words, especially the paragraph beginning with 'it's quinny's love..'

  5. Hi love- how are you? Long time, no blog so checking in;) xx