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thursday, april 18

see his EARS…i am obsessed.
beautiful mornington.

me: hey taye, how do you like the new boy in your class?

tate: he is a really good boy mom. like really GOOD.

me: oh. well cool. if he is really good what are you?

tate: (shoulder shrug) i am close.

thursday, march 15

since i'm still completely living in these photos, i thought i might share a few more unseen shots from our shoot with mr. tim coulson. i love them so.

ps. michael said we should enlarge some of our photos onto canvas and immediately i said, "no way. were going to enlarge them and put them into frames, preferably white ones." i am so curious what everyone prefers canvas or framed? i just think a photo in a frame is so much more special then an image printed onto canvas. i am so curious what you think, opinions welcome.

wednesday, march 7

us by tim coulson.

michael woke me sometime around midnight with our slideshow of photos playing on his iphone. we sat there in the dark together watching the essence of our family unfold into some of the most beautiful images we have ever seen. this whole experience turned into such an emotional journey for me, which was quite unexpected, but has touched me so pure magic. michael and i have been texting throughout the day with all of these amazing emotions. i am so grateful we braved all of that rain. i love tim turning to me when we both realised we were really going to do this in the pouring rain and saying, "i am so glad you have boys." me too.